Getting started with Polish phrases

The Polish language is spoken by more than 45 million people worldwide, primarily by people who live in Poland. Polish is also spoken in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. There are many differences between the Polish language and the English language. People who are new to the language may find forming Polish sentences rather tricky (at first, at least). Generally speaking, it's best to spend time studying the structure of Polish sentences before starting to learn Polish phrases.

Spoken natively by nearly 40 million people in Poland alone, Polish also serves as a secondary language for many residing in neighboring countries including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. Moreover, Polish-speaking communities thrive in various Western nations, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, expanding its utility across borders. Polish may initially appear unfamiliar, because though it uses the Latin alphabet, it uses a number of diacritics that English speakers aren't used to. However, Polish shares certain traits with German, French, and Latin. Therefore, those with a foundation in these languages may discover Polish is less daunting than anticipated. Even for beginners, Babbel's innovative course structure leverages your native language, facilitating the learning process and making Polish more accessible to everyone.


Useful Polish phrases

Here are a few phrases that you can practice to start off with:

  • Czesc — Hello

  • Dzień dobry — Good morning or good afternoon

  • Jak się masz? — How are you?

  • Dziekuje — Thank you

  • Tak — yes

  • Nie — no

  • Prosze — please

  • Czy mówisz po angielsku? — Do you speak English?

  • Nie mówię po polsku — I don't speak Polish

  • Nie rozumiem — I don't understand

Polish phrases with Babbel

Crafted by native speakers, Babbel's Polish language courses offer flexibility and accessibility. In the app, you can tailor the lessons to meet your needs. Through concise yet structured lessons and consistent practice, Babbel empowers you to swiftly grasp a broad range of Polish vocabulary, expressions, and sentences, fostering confidence in your language skills.

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