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Polish phrases

There are many differences between the Polish language and the English language and people who are new to the language may find forming Polish sentences rather tricky at first. Generally speaking, it is best to spend time studying the structure of Polish sentences before starting to learn Polish phrases. The Polish language is spoken by more than 45 million people worldwide, primarily by people who live in Poland. Polish is also spoken in countries such as Belarus, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

The Polish phrases and sentences that you will probably learn first will mainly depend on the reason you wish to learn Polish. One of the main reasons people may want to learn Polish is so that they can communicate when they visit Poland on holiday, but there are certainly other people who are planning on relocating to Poland.

There are 32 letters in the Polish alphabet and it is worth taking the time to study the alphabet before you try to speak Polish. The pronunciation of Polish sentences is phonetic, and most of the letters in each word are individually pronounced.

One good way to learn new Polish sentences and Polish phrases is by taking a Polish language course. There are a large number of language centres situated around the globe that offer both private and group classes, and it is also possible to take part in Polish classes online. In addition, a good number of websites offer lists of Polish phrases and provide games and other materials that make language learning fun and easy.

However, many people find that the easiest and fastest way to learn Polish and to practice certain Polish phrases is to find people on the streets of Poland with which to practice basic conversations. The best places to find people to practice with tend to be cafes, as people are much more likely be willing to spend time and trouble correcting your language mistakes while they are relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee.

People who plan to learn Polish will need to study and practice regularly if they wish to become fluent. Naturally, the more time you dedicate to learning Polish, the more quickly your skills will develop. People who are committed to learning Polish quickly should make sure they study for a minimum of an hour a day, especially when they are getting started.

How to get started with Polish phrases

Here are a few phrases that you can practice to start off with: Hello in Polish is czesc, and this is word also means goodbye. Good morning and good afternoon also have the same meaning in Polish, which is dzień dobry. Other polite Polish phrases that beginners will probably need to learn include how are you? (jak się masz?), thank you (dziekuje), yes (tak), no (nie) and please (prosze). It is also a good idea to learn phrases such as do you speak English? (czy mówisz po angielsku?) I don’t speak Polish (nie mówię po polsku) and I don’t understand (nie rozumiem).

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Polish Phrases