Learning Turkish

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Learning Turkish

The Turkish language is spoken in various European countries other than Turkey, such as Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and elsewhere in Central Asia. Learning Turkish can open many new doors for you. Employers love linguists, so knowing the Turkish language could enrich your personality and interests, and you’ll be able to easily converse with people when travelling to Turkey!

Different ways to learn Turkish

There are many ways to learn Turkish. You can use teach-yourself books, online courses, language courses, mobile apps and more. Each person learns differently, so you should decide what learning tool best suits you. If you lead a busy lifestyle, then learning Turkish in your own time at home, either online or through books, is usually the best option. As long as you’re motivated and have self-discipline, using official online resources may be the most beneficial method as you can go at your own pace. However, be wary of free online resources as these teaching platforms won’t be as instructive or comprehensive.

If you’re a student and regularly attend Turkish lessons, you may be interested in using other learning tools to supplement your lessons. You can never study too much with languages, so expanding on your learning tools is always a good idea.

Learning Turkish – different methods

You should consider all pros and cons when learning another language. For example, with books, apps and online resources you don’t get the face-to-face interaction with teachers or other classmates. However, these language courses can be very expensive, and may run at inconvenient times for you. You should decide what to prioritise when learning Turkish: Flexibility, time, cost, or personal interaction?

Mobile apps can also only take you so far. Due to limited memory space on mobile devices, the amount of teaching content can only be limited to specialised tutorials. For example, an app may only contain a list of vocabulary, grammar points or pronunciation tips. Use mobile apps to supplement your education in the Turkish language, but don’t be reliant on them.

The best way to learn any language is to live in its home country. This can be a spectacular experience where you could really appreciate the Turkish language. Being immersed in the Turkish culture and being among Turkish people is the most organic and genuine method to learn Turkish. However, the most obvious downside to this is uprooting yourself to live in another country! Not to mention the expenses.

Learn Turkish with Babbel

For busy people who want to learn Turkish at a low cost and at their best convenience, Learning Turkish with Babbel is recommended. You can comprehensively learn the Turkish language at a low price and with an informative platform. It provides exercises for reading, writing, and listening to Turkish, as well as lessons in pronunciation. Babbel offers an ad-free interface so you won’t feel hassled by third-party products. It’s a resource that offers flexible and fun learning that’s an effective alternative to expensive language courses, and permits learning via computer and from mobile devices.

Learning Turkish