Introductions to Turkish phrases

Turkish is spoken by 75 million native speakers globally. The Turkish Language Association was founded in 1932 to promote the language. Turkish phrases have been influenced by various languages, including Farsi, Arabic, and French.

Of course, the quickest and simplest way to learn Turkish and to practice certain phrases is to find people to practice with. If you happen to be in Turkey, the best places to do this tend to be coffee shops, as people are more likely to have the time and patience to correct your language mistakes while they are relaxing with a cup of coffee. Many people also like practicing the Turkish language in bars (if that's your kind of thing), as they say that alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes it easier to speak new words and phrases with confidence. As with any language, the more regularly you speak Turkish, the more confident and fluent you'll become. People who wish to learn the language for fun may find that practicing for one or two hours a week is sufficient, while people who wish to become fluent quickly should set aside at least an hour a day to practice.

Useful Turkish phrases

  • Good morning/good evening = Günaydın/iyi akşamlar

  • My name is... = Benim adım...

  • Please = Lütfen

  • Thank you = Teşekkürler

  • How are you? = Nasılsın?

  • I’m sorry = Affedersin

  • Goodbye = Hoşça kalın

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