Indonesian Grammar

Trivia time: what is the country that is made up of nearly 18,000 islands and its people speak a single common language? Give up? It’s Indonesian. With its rich culture and amazing scenery, it’s hard to imagine anyone would not want to visit. If you are thinking of visiting Indonesian or just want to learn the language for fun, now is the best time to do learn Indonesian!

English Grammar versus Indonesian Grammar

With nearly a world in between the USA and Indonesia, it would be possible to image that there is no similarities between English and Indonesian grammar. But, that’s not necessarily true. Both of the languages use a similar alphabet and syntax set up. Punctuation is nearly the same as well. This makes the process for you to learn Indonesian a lot easier.
There are some differences between the languages, of course. Indonesian grammar has no concept of plurals and no tenses. Also, there is no deference to gender (male or female) in pronouns. The pronunciations are different, but not drastically so.

Indonesian Grammar with Babbel

Gone are the days are going to a classroom at a community college to learn a language. With the wide availability of internet, you can learn a language at your computer. The most effective alternative to learning Indonesian language is Babbel. The interface is extremely user friendly. It’s just like playing a video game. Each lesson has exercises for reading, listening, writing, and pronunciation. Such a comprehensive approach helps you make giant strides towards fluency in Indonesian grammar. Besides that, it’s fun! We know that learning is fun and we design each of our language courses to showcase skills using video game-like scenarios.

With Babbel, you aren’t stuck on your home computer. Wherever you go, Babbel is ready to go with you. Babbel’s platform is compatible with your mobile devices with mobile apps for Win 8, Android, and Apple devices. In addition to going where you go, Babbel meets you at your learning level and allows you to learn at your own pace. If you are an intermediate level Indonesian speaker with a fast learning curve, we will assess that and put you in the right lesson and course for you. One of the best parts of Babbel is its ad-free interface. Who wants to try to learn a new language with all sorts of advertisements popping up and distracting you? No one can learn effectively that way. Babbel is all about helping you learn Indonesian quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

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