Quiz: How Well Do You Know Spanish Animal Names?

If you mix up ‘perro’ and ‘oso,’ you may get some weird looks at the pet store.
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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Spanish Animal Names?

Highlights of any trip to Central or South America include the exquisite natural beauty and the wildlife that populates these areas. So if you’re thinking of visiting a Spanish-speaking country in Latin America, you’ll want to make sure you know how to talk about the incredible biodiversity you’re seeing. That’s where this Spanish animals quiz comes in.

Even if you don’t see yourself exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica anytime soon, learning how to name and pronounce animals in Spanish can come in handy in everyday conversations, whether you’re talking about your pets or the bird outside that keeps waking you up.

Whether you’re learning for travel excursions or simply for domestic life, you’ll want to know some basic animal words. Take our Spanish animals quiz below to test your knowledge of some of your favorite creatures and to see where a bit more practice might be in order. ¡Buena suerte!

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