Danish Lessons

Danish is a North Germanic language that nearly 6 million people speak, and Babbel’s Danish lessons are helping add to that number every day. Those who learn Danish can utilize their new skills in countries such as Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Danish lessons are also useful for those visiting or moving to countries such as Norway and Sweden as Norwegian and Swedish are largely mutually intelligible with Danish.


Danish Lessons Possible Difficulties

A native English speaker taking Danish lessons may run into some hurdles on the way to fluency. This language is more monotonous and flatter than English, and native Danish speakers tend to speak more softly and quickly than those who communicate in similar languages such as Norwegian and Swedish as many of Danish's vowels and consonants are assimilated with each other. Another challenge that may exist is understanding those who speak with strong Danish accents.

False friends also provide stumbling blocks for many. These are English words that appear to be similar to Danish words; however, they have completely different meanings. This language's written and spoken words also differ significantly on numerous occasions. However, one way that Babbel stands out as the effective tool to learn Danish is by showing how words and phrases are spelled as they are being spoken through the computer’s speakers.

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Benefits of Learning Danish

One of the primary benefits that people learning Danish enjoy is the ability to head to a country like Denmark and understand what people are saying. Also, even though many Danish speakers are fluent in English as well, local residents do appreciate any effort that visitors have taken towards learning their language. Being able to speak Danish is also essential for anybody who is planning to move to one of these countries or regularly conduct business there.

Those who learn a new language with Babbel also enjoy keeping their brains in peak condition as doing so is one of the best mental workouts available; it helps promote brain growth and improve things like listening skills and multitasking. One of the most impressive benefits that those learning a language enjoy is being able to improve their ability to focus their attention on one thing and limit any distractions that may exist. Another benefit enjoyed by many native English speakers who learn Danish is an improvement in their ability to communicate in English.

Danish Language Lessons Online with Babbel

Babbel provides those interested in learning this language for an upcoming trip to Denmark or a different Danish-speaking country with up-to-date technology and content that covers all areas of learning a language. Those who visit Babbel.com are even able to take their first lesson for free to see what the program is all about and how the learning process is organized. Students who want to continue with their Danish lessons will be pleased to learn of Babbel’s low prices.

There are exercises available at this website for reading, listening, pronunciation and writing. Babbel's ad-free interface may be navigated at whatever pace is desired. This is beneficial for those who may be fast – or slow – learners as many students in a classroom setting often feel that they are being held up or left behind. This will not be an issue for those who learn Danish with Babbel.

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