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Swedish phrases

The easiest and most interesting way to first explore a new language is by learning common phrases that are useful in daily life. Experts believe that learning phrases of a language is of more assistance when compared to learning individual words and registering their meanings. Swedish, spoken by over 9 million people in the world, predominantly in Finland and Sweden, draws its vocabulary from several languages, and has vocabulary in common with those languages that share its North Germanic origin. Swedish phrases or Swedish sentences may closely resemble Danish and Norwegian language forms, making it easier to understand these languages for people who are already familiar with Swedish.

Those looking to learn Swedish may adopt a learning media that is most suitable to both their learning needs and learning styles. Starting off with basic Swedish phrases and Swedish sentences in an informal learning environment may actually prove effective only when the pronunciation and intonations are mastered to such an extent that the learner is able to communicate effectively.

The basics

Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation form the basics of Swedish or any other language for that matter. Swedish is similar to English in quite a few ways – the Latin alphabet, sentence structures, pronoun usage, etc, yet there are a number of distinctions. For example, it has 29 letters of the alphabet, nouns are associated with a gender (common and neuter), there are 9 distinct vowel sounds and, whilst the consonants are similar to in English, they are pronounced differently.

Those aspiring to learn Swedish should also take note of the fact that the English word ‘Please’ does not have an exact match translation in Swedish. The request is actually conveyed through appropriate Swedish sentences or through apt intonation. Learning to speak and understand standard Swedish phrases and Swedish sentences may help those travelling to Sweden on a holiday, business trip or even an educational trip. It is also important to brush up on the knowledge of numbers, date, time and currency units in the language to communicate more effectively in Swedish.

Learning modes

There are several ways to learn Swedish, depending on the learning style of the learner. However, learning Swedish phrases and Swedish sentences require special attention on the exact meaning of the content, the context in which they are used by the locals, and the natural way in which they are pronounced or expressed. Online and conventional classes and special language software that offer audio-visual learning aids enable aspirants to catch up with Swedish phrases and sentences in a comprehensive manner, making the learning effective when put to test in real life. Text-only content may not prove effective to master sentences and phrases in Swedish.

Swedish phrases with Babbel

Language aspirants seeking to learn Swedish are invited to try out the comprehensive, multimedia language learning platform at Babbel. Themed courses of different complexities have been designed to address individual learning requirements. Lessons are loaded with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises to train the learner in all aspects of the language. Community interactions, mobile learning and progress monitoring facilities help students to practice and perfect the learning experience.

Swedish Phrases