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Spanish Is Spoken All Over the World.

Did you know that only Mandarin, Hindi and English are more widely used than Spanish? Spanish is spoken as the native language on parts of four continents and a total of 21 countries. In fact, as a native language, it outnumbers native English speakers.

Spanish is for Business and Pleasure.

Whether you travel for pleasure or business, you can communicate with more people in more places if you learn Spanish. People in foreign countries appreciate the effort to learn their language and speaking their language will make it easier to know other culture without the filter of a foreign language. It helps them relate to you more closely. It’s easier to conduct business if you speak the native language.

Is It Hard to Learn Spanish?

As with learning any language, Spanish students need to concentrate on areas of possible difficulty for the student. These might include any of the following issues, which Babbel addresses effectively.

  • The first hurdle is pronunciation and accent. Babbel’s interactive interface gives you instant feedback on your speech.
  • Spanish grammar follows some pretty standard rules, but there are many irregular verb forms and constructions that must be learned. Babbel emphasizes proper tense and voice of regular and irregular verbs.
  • Babbel explains tricky Spanish idioms so that you can be in on the joke when speaking to native Spanish speakers.
  • Babbel Spanish lessons improve your ability to listen and understand native Spanish speakers.
  • Being able to write in Spanish is as important as being able to carry on a conversation. Babbel incorporates exercises in the Spanish lessons devoted to improving your ability to write.

Babbel Offers State-of-the-Art Technology to Help You Learn.

If you’re planning on learning Spanish, it makes sense to use the most advanced teaching system. Babbel incorporates speech recognition software, Flash technology and interactive exercizes to give you immediate intuitive feedback. This instant advice prevents you from developing bad habits, and strengthens your confidence when speaking Spanish in real life situations.

Babbel Is Everywhere.

You’ll find Babbel on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, but you don’t need to be on your computer to take Spanish lessons. Babbel also has mobile full featured apps for iOS and Android, and vocabulary trainers for Windows 8 devices.

Different Regions Have Different Dialects.

Babbel’s lessons concentrate on the most common form of Spanish. Although there are additional dialects across Europe, South America, Mexico and the United States, the version Babbel teaches is understood by the vast majority of Spanish speakers.

Babbel Makes Learning Spanish Fun.

With Babbel, you learn at your own speed and take lessons on your schedule. Babbel’s flexible, enjoyable environment helps anybody learn Spanish, regardless of their prior experience or their reason for learning the language. The interface is free from advertisements and other distractions, and Babbel’s low price puts it within reach of anybody who wants to learn Spanish. Babbel is flexible, fun and effective. Try Babbel’s Spanish lessons today.

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