Learning Spanish

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Learning Spanish

The Spanish language is listed as the world’s second most spoken language with around 330 million people speaking it as their dominant language. Outside Spain, the language is most prevalent in Central and South America.

Why learn Spanish?

Considering the spread of those who speak Spanish as both a primary and second language, it makes a lot of sense to learn Spanish as a language. Learning Spanish can be a lot of fun. Compared with languages such as Chinese, Spanish is a much simpler and accessible language, which is easier to learn, particularly due to the fact that both English and Spanish are descendants of Latin. The Spanish language opens up lots of new opportunities.

In terms of business, learning a new language, particularly Spanish, can be extremely advantageous. Not only does it look dynamite on your CV, but learning Spanish enables you to sell products to Spanish companies and citizens whilst keeping up professional appearances and aiding your future career.

For those wishing to travel, the Spanish language is, as mentioned, one of the most recognised languages in the world. Your experience will be heightened and you will be able to avoid the usual tourist hotspots and embrace the true and traditional culture.

How you can learn Spanish

For those seeking to take the next step and learn Spanish there are a variety of different methods, each one efficient in their own way depending on the individual and how determined that person is. Searching local directories for classes or clubs in the nearby area can almost always prove fruitful, as the Spanish language is such a dominant dialect. Learning Spanish has become an important part of the school curriculum as well, with many children taking it as a GCSE.

For many there is no better method of learning than a hands-on approach that involves direct exposure to the Spanish language first-hand. This displays a commitment and determination that will yield positive results whilst at the same time being quite the experience. However, it can be overwhelming and embody the idea of jumping in at the deep end.

Many choose the benefits of learning Spanish from the comfort of their own home via online courses. Programmes and apps are available to buy and download. These often include step-by-step guides, grammar and verb help as well as common phrases. Different levels are available for those requiring varied skill levels according to experience and ability. It’s cheap, very much encouraged, and you are able to do it in your own time without hassle.

Learning Spanish with Babbel

Babbel offers an easy-to-use and ad-free interface and provides endless entertainment and knowledge through the introduction of reading, listening, writing and pronunciation exercises. With Babbel you will be able to learn Spanish from scratch with the beginner courses, where the basic grammatical rules and the most common language expressions are explained simply and clearly. Besides the grammar lessons, the courses are divided into different categories; food and drinks, animals, numbers and colours, music, holiday and much more. Babbel boasts over 7,000,000 members and includes high-end, effective software, which means you’ll never have to download anything during your experience with the site and will pick up an important skill for life.

Learning Spanish