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  • Beginner's Course 4

    Beginner's Course 4

    Beginner's Course 4 takes you one step further in your Russian. The focus in this course is on numbers. You'll learn step by step how to form the numbers 10 to 100, how to give the time and how to say how old you are. Another important part of this course is learning the past tense forms of verbs. You'll learn how to talk about yourself in the past, to say where you were born and where you've lived. You'll practise using the accusative case while learning how to express food preferences. Beginner's Course 4 corresponds to an upper beginner's level of language learning.

  • The Russian alphabet Copyright information

    The Russian alphabet

    In this introductory course to the Cyrillic alphabet, you will learn and practice the 33 Russian letters, as well as learning to write simple words in Russian. This is the right course for you if you want to learn the Cyrillic alphabet quickly or want to brush up on your skills.