Dutch Lessons

Dutch Lessons

Dutch is the official language of Aruba, Belgium, Curacao, Saint Maarten, the Netherlands and Suriname as well as one of South Africa’s official languages. More than 28 million people speak Dutch, and the language is native to 23 million of those people. Although it is an unofficial language there, Dutch is also popular in the Caribbean. Many Canadians, Indonesians and people from Flanders speak Dutch as well.

People who enjoy traveling should learn Dutch to make their travels more interesting by breaking down the language barriers found in other countries and opening the door to meaningful communication. Even those who do not anticipate visiting Dutch-speaking countries can benefit from taking Dutch lessons. As the world seems to keep getting smaller, meeting people from other countries who speak languages other than English is becoming a common occurrence. The ability to understand others and convey thoughts and ideas to others in a comprehensible manner makes life richer and more enjoyable. In addition, the mental challenge of studying Dutch or any other foreign language stimulates the intellect and helps keep the mind sharp.

How to Learn Dutch

Babbel provides the most convenient and easy way to learn Dutch with a comprehensive, online learning system, and the prices are low. To be effective, Dutch lessons should include exercises for reading, writing and listening as well as for pronunciation. It is important to choose a good learning system with guaranteed, up-to-date technology and content that covers every area of learning another language. Babbel offers a variety of learning options like courses for beginners, vocabulary training, practical phrases and grammar along with lively, interactive exercises.

Possible Difficulties

Native English speakers may find pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary difficult to grasp in a foreign language. However, Babbel’s state-of-the-art technology and interactive online courses combined with highly effective education techniques make it simple to learn Dutch.

Dutch Lessons with Babbel

Babbel provides an interface free of ads along with effective exercises for reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. The courses are flexible so you can study at your own pace, and you will have fun as you learn Dutch while using your own social network. Progress is always faster when you enjoy studying and have fun with your lessons.


Babbel’s integrated speech-recognition tool works directly through your browser and allows you to practice and test your pronunciation skills using the latest Flash-Player and a microphone. Native speakers pronounce the words in your Dutch lessons to help you with the proper inflections of the language, and images accompany the words to make them easier to remember.

Babbel Review Manager

The Babbel system’s review manager monitors your progress and notes any problem areas, periodically adjusting your exercises in accordance with your individual needs. Personalized adjustments and reviews at optimal intervals help improve your recollection by automatically implanting the Dutch words and phrases you study into your long-term memory. Babbel’s expert team of linguistics and teaching specialists, designers and developers customize the courses for different skill levels. The system identifies your level of knowledge and recommends the courses compatible with your ability and your interests.

Babbel Mobile

You can access the Babbel.com multimedia website from any computer with Internet service, but you can also learn Dutch on your iPad, iPhone or Android device, or practice your vocabulary on your Windows8 phone. Babbel offers free apps for vocabulary training and synchronizes the website with your apps, which allows you to learn or review your Dutch lessons any time whether you are at home or away from home. Apps like iOS, Android and Win8 make your study courses truly mobile. Rather than being upset when you must wait for someone or something, broaden your horizons by learning a foreign language in your idle time.

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