Babbel Unveils a Bold New Chapter: A Transformational Rebranding

Today, Babbel, the most-sold language learning platform, proudly announces the completion of its brand refresh. This strategic initiative, led by the brand team, is grounded in Babbel’s commitment to meeting the needs of language learners and providing the best return on their time investment. Babbel empowers learners to embrace the full spectrum of language learning, going beyond learning words or phrases to immersing themselves in new cultures and human relationships. This was the central theme of the rebranding, which reflects how the platform has evolved from a language-learning tool to an ecosystem that creates a transformative experience for its users. 

The Journey to Transformation

Key objectives of the project included creating a robust brand strategy that reflects Babbel's shift from a self-study model to a dynamic blended learning approach. This means that users experience a seamless integration of various learning elements, combining traditional self-study with interactive Babbel Live classes, engaging magazine content, and podcast series. The goal is to provide a holistic experience that ensures the learner’s success. This transformation positions Babbel as more than just a language learning tool – it becomes a premium comprehensive language learning ecosystem tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. 

“With this rebrand, we are setting the stage for Babbel’s next phase. As Babbel has grown from a category-defining online service to a suite of solutions for consumers and business, it was time for us to develop an updated, comprehensive brand strategy that positions us for sustainable growth, allowing us to reach even more language learners globally,” explains Julie Hansen, US CEO of Babbel. “Learning a new language is a challenge, but it's also an incredibly rewarding journey. Our goal is to motivate language learners to stay engaged, and to be a valuable investment for them”.

Informed by Global Insights

Babbel conducted extensive global research, facilitated by the in-house Market Insights team in collaboration with Human8, a consultancy connecting brands with people and culture to drive positive change. This in-depth analysis looked at customer motivations and barriers. Three pivotal factors emerged as crucial motivators: 

Meaning: moving from feeling like an outsider not knowing the language to feeling like a global citizen fully experiencing the culture.

Security: from feeling insecure to feeling confident and in control (especially when travelling, working internationally or moving to another country).

Achievement: experiencing small victories, progress and success in your personal and professional life. “When you start speaking a new language, there is a strong sense of personal transformation, but also a transformation in the world around you. This is the essence of our new brand strategy”, says Pablo La Rosa, Director of Brand Experience. “We bring this concept to life with a new and engaging design language that makes Babbel feel more approachable and fun, but at the same time high-quality, while unifying Babbel’s brand image across the globe and between product experiences.”

Babbel: Your Personal Language Coach

Babbel collaborated with Koto Studios, a brand and digital studio with a proven track record in working with global tech brands. Together, they crafted the new positioning statement: “Babbel empowers learners to experience the transformational power of language.” This statement not only places learners at the forefront but also signifies Babbel's commitment to guiding them through a journey of personal and global transformation. Personalized learning plans, new guidance features, and engaging content will enhance the learning journey, with a focus on being approachable, optimistic, supportive, motivational, challenging, and always professional, for both B2C and B2B audiences.

Babbel Live: A Personalized Learning Journey

Babbel takes on the role of a personal language coach, not only in the brand personality but also in the product experience. This approach extends to Babbel Live, where language professionals guide learners through live online classes, both group and newly designed 1:1 classes.

A Visual Symphony of Transformation

The rebranding comes to life visually through a vibrant and flexible design system. The refined color palette, featuring a contemporary take on the iconic Babbel orange, and the introduction of a new primary font, Feature Text, convey a premium feel. The design system comprises three key elements – cut-out imagery/silhouettes, product cards, and photography – that integrate seamlessly into marketing and product touchpoints, creating a distinctive and scalable visual identity. The new photography style is used to represent Babbel’s teachers and to show our learners in authentic learning situations and transformational results. 

About Babbel

Babbel develops and operates an ecosystem of interconnected online language learning experiences and is driven by the purpose of creating mutual understanding through language. This means building products that help people connect and communicate across cultures. The Babbel App, Babbel Live, Babbel Podcasts and Babbel for Business products focus on using a new language in the real world, in real situations, with real people. And it works: Studies by linguists from institutions such as Michigan State University, Yale University and the City University of New York demonstrated the efficacy of Babbel’s language learning methods.

The key is a blend of humanity and technology. Babbel offers more than 60,000 lessons across 15 languages, hand-crafted by nearly 200 didactics experts, with user behaviors continuously analyzed to shape and tweak the learner experience. This results in constantly adapting, interactive content with live classes, games, podcasts and videos that make understanding a new language easy, from Spanish to Indonesian.

Because Babbel is for everyone, its team is as diverse as its content. From its headquarters in Berlin and its U.S. office in New York, 1000 people from more than 80 nationalities represent the backgrounds, characteristics and perspectives that make all humans unique. Babbel sold over 15 million subscriptions by creating a true connection with users.

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