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  • Everyday Expressions

    Here you'll learn helpful expressions for everyday life in Poland. You'll get an overview of greetings and goodbyes, enrich your small talk with common sayings related to well-being, and learn how to congratulate others on specific occasions, as well as how to call for help. Beginner's Polish skills are an advantage when it comes to this course.

  • Polish for your Vacation Copyright information

    Polish for your Vacation

    You have a vacation in Poland coming up? You want to see Warsaw and Cracow and also admire the Baltic Sea at Gdańsk? Here you'll quickly learn the most important expressions and sentences to get by when you are there.

  • The pronunciation of vowels Copyright information

    The pronunciation of vowels

    How do you pronounce for example "y", "ó", "ą", "ę", "eu" and "au"? This course will guide you through the rules for pronouncing vowels in Polish.

  • The pronunciation of consonants Copyright information

    The pronunciation of consonants

    What is the difference in pronunciation between “s” and “z”? And how do you pronounce "ś" and "ć"? This course will guide you through the rules for pronouncing consonants in Polish.

  • Spelling Copyright information


    Learn a few basic spelling rules. Practice Polish spelling for consonant clusters with "z", writing soft consonants, when to use the upper case versus the lower case, and much more.

  • True Friends Copyright information

    True Friends

    Here you'll be introduced to some "true friends" - words which sound similar in English and Polish and share the same meaning. This will make it a lot easier for you to learn the somewhat complicated Polish letter combinations in an effective and hopefully painless way.

  • False Friends Copyright information

    False Friends

    Here you'll learn false friends: English words that look or sound similar to Polish words - but have a completely different meaning! Be careful, they can be confusing!

  • Polish Idioms Copyright information

    Polish Idioms

    What do Polish native speakers mean when they go to their heads to get reason, brew someone beer, or release paint? And what does it mean when something's been taken from the moon? Here you'll learn some idioms and how they're used.