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Teaching students a new language takes a lot of patience, time and of course, the right resources. You might have a go-to textbook you like to use for the foundations, but traditional classroom language resources can only take you and your students so far, especially if you’re having trouble keeping your learners engaged.

If you’re looking for effective and free Spanish educational resources for language learning, look no further. We’ve compiled a list here of Spanish language teaching resources and materials that can accompany the ones commonly used in the class settings. Use the free Spanish language resources on this page to complement your classroom instruction in fun, engaging ways — with resources from articles to quizzes to media resources like books, songs and movies.

These resources listed below are for Spanish teachers, but we also offer plenty of resources for our other popular languages, including French, German and Italian. You can access these language resources here:

Keep reading to explore our free Spanish language resources for teachers!


Free Educational Resources For Spanish Language Teachers


Take your Spanish language instruction to the next level with these free educational resources for Spanish teachers. These classroom resources cover all aspects of learning Spanish, from the foundations of conversation to vocabulary to grammar and informational context about the Spanish language itself.

We’ve organized our free Spanish educational language resources — articles, videos, quizzes and more — into lists by category: facts about Spanish, vocabulary, grammar, and quizzes, for example. Click each link to explore the resource, and share with your students what you think might be helpful for them!


Spanish Teacher Resources — General Facts, Stats And Foundations About Spanish Around The World

Take advantage of these helpful classroom resources for teaching about the Spanish language — where it can be found around the world as an official language, the number of people who speak it and regional dialects and variations in Spanish.





Give your students the extra motivation they need to start their Spanish learning journey with these articles about what it’s like to learn Spanish and why it’s a worthwhile investment of time and energy.

Spanish Pronunciation Teacher Resources

Use these resources to help your students master their Spanish pronunciation and understanding of sounds and letters in the Spanish alphabet.



Spanish Conversation Teacher Resources

Help your students strengthen their conversational skills with these articles about the fundamentals of Spanish conversation — featuring words, phrases and expressions that native speakers actually use.



Spanish Grammar Teaching Resources

Spanish Grammar (article) — A comprehensive look at the elements of Spanish grammar, made fairly simple for learners of all levels.

Explore some of the most common words by grammatical category in Spanish, featuring pronunciations and examples of how to use these words in context.

Help your students learn some of the grammar behind how Spanish numbers work in different real-world contexts.


Spanish Vocabulary Teacher Resources

Spanish Vocabulary (article) — A comprehensive overview of Spanish vocabulary, from its origins to cognates to categorized lists of vocab, including the lists below.

Spanish Vocabulary Lists For Teachers

These themed vocabulary lists for Spanish teachers are great for teaching the foundations of Spanish vocabulary. They feature audio recordings so your students can master their pronunciation.

Get a look into how Spanish has loaned vocabulary to — and borrowed it from — other world languages.


Quizzes And Puzzles For Teaching Spanish

Let your students put their Spanish skills to the test with these fun, interactive quizzes about Spanish vocabulary and the Spanish language.


Free Media Resources For Teaching Spanish

Use these free Spanish media resources to help your students reinforce their Spanish skills. Many of these Spanish educational resources can be accessed for free or for cheap from popular streaming services and sites like Spotify, Netflix and others.

Your students will have fun interacting with real Spanish content like podcasts, songs, TV shows, books, movies and even social media accounts that feature Spanish from real native speakers and authors.


Learning Resources For Other Languages

We also write about a lot about other major world languages, and you can find similar language teacher resources for those languages here: