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  • Refresher Course

    Refresher Course

    Ideal for everyone who studied Swedish a long time ago or wants to test their knowledge at an upper beginner's level.

  • Swedish for your Vacation Copyright information

    Swedish for your Vacation

    Are you going to Sweden soon on vacation? Here you will quickly learn a few key phrases, sentences and expressions to help you find your way in Sweden.

  • True Friends Copyright information

    True Friends

    Here you'll learn "true friends": words that sound similar or are spelled in a similar way in English and Swedish and have the same meaning, along with some helpful grammar and pronunciation points. This is a quick and effective way to expand your vocabulary!

  • False Friends Copyright information

    False Friends

    Here you'll learn about false friends: words that sound or look similar in both English and Swedish but mean something completely different! This course will help you to tell your “ankle” from your wrist, and make sure you don't fall victim to an “offer”!

  • Swedish Idioms Copyright information

    Swedish Idioms

    Have you ever "banged on the beetroot", "stood on your ears" or "had elves in your attic"? Try our Swedish idioms course and see if you can make it all the way to the tiles.

  • Numbers Copyright information


    You already know a few Swedish numbers and want to practice them and deepen your knowledge. Here you'll learn how to use numbers in different contexts.

  • Winter Holidays and Celebrations Copyright information

    Winter Holidays and Celebrations

    How do you keep it cozy during the dark season, and what does Christmas have to do with Donald Duck? You'll learn that and much more in our "Winter Holidays and Celebrations" course. It includes practical expressions and a cultural insight into winter traditions and holidays in Sweden. Ha det så kul!