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  • Pronunciation Course Copyright information

    Pronunciation Course

    How do you pronounce Swedish vowels or the letter combinations "sk" and "sj"? This course will guide you through the most important rules concerning Swedish pronunciation.

  • Dictation Course Copyright information

    Dictation Course

    With these funny short stories in Swedish you will become more confident in spelling words and train your listening and reading comprehension.

  • Tongue Twisters Copyright information

    Tongue Twisters

    Will you be able to pronounce these tongue twisters without getting lost? Practice pronouncing "sk", "å", "f" and other sounds without getting your tongue in a twist! You can also practice your listening, vocabulary and grammar skills.

  • Sound Twins Copyright information

    Sound Twins

    Here you'll learn words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently. Work on your Swedish spelling and practice distinguishing between words that sound alike based on context.