• In these courses you won't just learn the language, but also about the countries in which Spanish is spoken and their traditions.

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  • Sightseeing in Mexico Copyright information

    Sightseeing in Mexico

    Come with us on a journey through beautiful Mexico! Visit classic landmarks such as pyramids, and discover great insider tips, such as wine routes. You'll also learn important vocabulary along the way.

  • Spanish for your Vacation Copyright information

    Spanish for your Vacation

    You're off to Latin America or Spain soon? Here you'll quickly learn a few words, sentences and basics for getting around.

  • Spanish Express training Copyright information

    Spanish Express training

    Quick update needed? Short exercises to bring your passive knowledge up-to-date and ready to use.

  • Spanish around the World Copyright information

    Spanish around the World

    Spanish is Spanish - isn't it? Get to know some of the differences in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar between Spain and Latin America.

  • Colloquial Speech Copyright information

    Colloquial Speech

    What does "be red like a shrimp" or "move the skeleton" mean in Spanish? How can you shorten the words "weekend" or "roommate" in everyday Spanish? Learn colloquial expressions for love, partying, the beach, people and much more.

  • Food in Spain and Latin America Copyright information

    Food in Spain and Latin America

    Are paella and sangría typically Spanish for you? Did you also know that the rice for paella in Spain is homegrown? What is a "café bombón" actually? And which region prepares especially good stews? Gain insight into Spain's passion for gourmet foods, and then go on a culinary adventure through Mexico, Chile and Argentina. In this course, you'll learn more about typical delicacies, such as Argentinian beef, and discover regional secrets. For example, what has "curanto" to do with a hole in the ground.