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  • Pronouncing Individual Letters Copyright information

    Pronouncing Individual Letters

    What's the difference between "n" and "ñ"? And how do you pronounce "c" and "z"? This course will show you how to pronounce individual letters in Spanish words.

  • Pronouncing Double Letters Copyright information

    Pronouncing Double Letters

    How do you pronounce "ll", "rr" or "gü"? This course will show you how to pronounce double letters in Spanish words.

  • Peculiarities in Pronunciation Copyright information

    Peculiarities in Pronunciation

    Where does the stress fall in Spanish words and how do we combine words with one another when speaking? This course will guide you through the particularites of Spanish pronunciation.

  • Travel Dialogues Copyright information

    Travel Dialogues

    Join Eduardo on his trip to Peru: making small talk with the locals, in the hotel, in the market and around Lima's nightlife. You'll also be with him as he explores the Andes and the jungle. The course is based on an upper beginner's/pre-intermediate level of language learning.

  • Dictation Course Copyright information

    Dictation Course

    With funny short stories in Spanish, you'll feel surer about the spelling of words, practice verb tenses and the agreement of adjectives.

  • Spanish Tongue twisters Copyright information

    Spanish Tongue twisters

    Learn Spanish pronunciation, lots of words and grammatical contexts with tongue twisters. You can extend your vocabulary and practise saying Spanish sentences in a fun and entertaining way.