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  • The locative case Copyright information

    The locative case

    Deepen your knowledge of Polish grammar and learn how to form the locative case of nouns and accompanying words and when to use it.

  • Beginner's Course 5

    Beginner's Course 5

    In Beginner's Course 5, you'll expand your Polish vocabulary on topics such as city life, travel, and free time. You'll learn how to make your way around the city, describe your apartment, refer to taking public transport, tell time, and explain what you do in your free time. The language and grammar in this course correspond to an advanced beginner's level. The locative case is also introduced in this course.

  • Spelling Copyright information


    Learn a few basic spelling rules. Practice Polish spelling for consonant clusters with "z", writing soft consonants, when to use the upper case versus the lower case, and much more.