How To Talk About Food And Drink In Turkish

Learn some Turkish vocabulary that’ll take you from the Meze plate to the baklava.
How To Talk About Food And Drink In Turkish

A vacation without lots of good food is like a night without stars. That is, tragic and all too common (clouds and light pollution exist, after all). If you spend your trips to Turkey only eating at places that cater to tourists, chances are you’re going to miss out on some wonderful meals. One of the best tips we have for getting better Turkish food is getting better at the Turkish language. Learning basic Turkish food vocab is an easy step to make your experience more fruitful.

We assembled some of the most common Turkish food vocab for you. Press the play button on each of the terms below to hear them pronounced by a native speaker!

Turkish Meal-Related Words

to eat — yemek

to drink — içmek

breakfast — kahvaltı

lunch — öğle yemeği

dinner — akşam yemeği

dessert — tatlı

main course — ana yemek

Turkish Food Words

fruit — meyve

potato — patates

tomato — domates

rice — pirinç

bread — ekmek

cheese — peynir

meat — et

beef — sığır eti

pork — domuz eti

chicken — tavuk eti

fish — balık

seafood — deniz ürünleri

sweets — şekerlemeler

Turkish Drink Words

mineral water — maden suyu

tap water — musluk suyu

juice — meyve suyu

drink — içecek

milk — süt

coffee — kahve

lemonade — limonata

wine — şarap

beer — bira

tea — çay

soft drink — soğuk içecek

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