The Works! All of Babbel on iPad

Babbel is now available on iPad.
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The Works! All of Babbel on iPad

Finally, all online courses as an iPad mobile version!
Not even a year ago, we proudly announced the release of the Babbel iPad app. Versions 1.0 and 2.0 were “only” vocabulary, like the apps for iPhone, Android, and more recently, the Windows 8 tablet. So as it went, there was the healthily plump “web” section and the significantly skinnier “app” section. But that is, at least for the iPad, no more. As of now, the Babbel app for iPad 3.0 includes all the same courses and lessons as the web version.
The Babbel fans among you know what awaits you:  Depending on the language you’re studying, there are up to five types of courses—new, beginner’s, words and sentences, grammar, and extras, under which you find courses and lessons with various different themes. Then there are the lesson exercises that combine reading and listening comprehension with matching and writing; each word or phrase is spoken out loud, and each entry is matched with an image. The speech recognition tool, which tells you how close you are to a native speaker, helps you to practice your pronunciation. Then last but not least, the “refresher” function, the review manager, presents what you’ve learned for review until it sticks.
Users who have already studied with the older version of the app will now be able to synchronize not only their personal vocabulary, but also their learning progress between the app and web versions. On top of all that, the app 3.0 version has not only been fully reviewed contentwise, it has now also a shiny, slick new design.
Since the app section is now up to par with the web section, we’ve adjusted the prices accordingly. For the apps, the same options as the web subscriptions now apply regarding duration, price and conditions.
Continue for more details and screenshots of the download and installation process.
So there are now four types of subscriptions (each with a duration of either 1, 3 or 6 months):
1) web only
2) app only
3) web + app
4) web (with Business English) + app
The prices are the following:
1) or 2) – web only or app only:
1 month subscription: €9.95  a month, charged monthly
3 month subscription: €6.65  a month (€19.95 charged once every 3 months)
6 month subscription: €5.55  a month (€33.30 charged once every 6 months)
3) web + app
1 month subscription: €12.45  a month, charged monthly
3 month subscription: € 8.25 a month, (€24.75 charged once every 3 months)
6 month subscription: € 6.65 a month, (€39.90 charged once every 6 months)
4) web (with Business English) + app
1 month subscription: € 17.45 a month, charged monthly
3 month subscription: € 11.55 a month, (€34.65 charged once every 3 months)
6 month subscription: € 9.35 a month, (€56.10 charged once every 6 months)
We imagine that there will be questions about these changes. So for those users who already have a Babbel subscription or access to the iPad app and would like to know what will change for them, here are some answers:
I have a web subscription, and up until now I’ve had free access to the iPad app. Will this continue?
– No. To continue using the app, please purchase an upgrade. Just go to the “get access” button by any package in the app and follow the instructions. If you for example purchase the 1-month subscription for web + app, the already charged but not-yet-used time on your subscription will be added to the end of the duration selected. That is, if you have two months left on an existing subscription and then buy the one month subscription, you will now have three months.
-Yes, if you purchased a web subscription before the 21.12.2012 you can use the App for your learning language free of cost for the duration of your subscription. If you have already obtained the Web+App upgrade then you will only pay the basic rate on extension of your subscription.
 I have a one year subscription. What do I do?
– It works the same as the above. The upgrade options and conditions are the same.
-The same goes for the one year subscription. If you purchased it prior to the 21.12.2012, the use of the iPad App is included for the entire duration of your subscription.
And what about my Babbel Flex or Babbel Complete?
– If you have a Babbel Flex or Babbel Complete (ie access to all languages ​​and courses on Babbel), the access to the new iPad app is included in the price. You don’t have to pay anything extra for the duration of your subscription.
I didn’t and don’t have a web subscription. But I currently have a subscription for the (old) iPad app. Does that still apply?
– Yes, access to the new app is free for you for the remaining time on your app subscription. If you got the unlimited access, it will remain that you will not have to pay to use the app in the future
Even though I still have an iPad app subscription, it seems that I don’t have access. What’s going on?
– Sometimes it is necessary for you to “restore” your subscription in the app. Go to “settings” in the “menu” > “restore purchases”.
Our esteemed colleague Gregory has taken it upon himself to show you, in the form of screenshots, the downloading and installation process:

You downloaded the app and now start your first lesson.


You are not a Babbel user yet and need to register by clicking on continue here.


Confirm your registration in the email we sent you.


OR you already have a Babbel account, enter your login details here.


To unlock all courses in the app click on ‘Send me instructions’.


Open this email on your iPad and click the link for full access.


Select a subscription.

Got it?
If you still have questions, you can write us, the support team, directly from the app.
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