The Internet Speaks English

Babbel shares a survey naming English the dominant language of the internet.
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The Internet Speaks English

Najpopularniejsze języki – angielski
According to Internet World Stats, with 28.7%,the majority of people online are English speakers. Spanish speaking users come in at a far third with 7.7%, and French speakers fourth with only 4.6%. German is in seventh place with 4.1%.The English-language-dominated world of micro-blogging alone currently has about six million users worldwide, but only a very small fraction of these write in any language other than English. Students young and old understand that to keep up with this dynamic sector, English is invaluable.


p class=”MsoNormal” style=”line-height: 150%;”> is the place to start for those who want to try their hand at twittering, blogging, chatting, shopping or emailing in English.For example, we’ve just released an online tutorial „Talking about Computers and the Internet“, which provides all the most important terms and phrases to participate anywhere online. Audio, visual and participatory functions make the exercise interactive. We also included a part where students can write their own text on the theme, which is then corrected by a friend or someone else from the 230,000 strong Babbel community.

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