Some lists and it’s dialects again

Babbel writes about attitudes towards different dialects of a language.
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Some lists and it’s dialects again

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They couldn’t find one, and so they simply made their own list of the “Top 100 Language Blogs” . That’s how the people over at LexioPhiles explained their motivation for searching through 300 blogs, sorting them by “three main categories: content, consistency and interactivity”. They also made some lists about language Podcasts, most spoken languages and translation blunders (see picture, courtesy of LexioPhiles belongs to, which purports to become the “Wikipedia of languages”.
Following a link on the Bremer Sprachblog about people being stigmatized for their dialect, I stumbled upon the work of Babara Soukup. In her own account, she is “fascinated by the study of language attitudes and ideology” and did her PhD about “The strategic use of Austrian dialect in interaction”. She worked on “Language attitudes in the United States towards Southern American English” as well.

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