Revamped Italian Course on Babbel

Babbel updates its Italian course as a new streamlined format.
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Revamped Italian Course on Babbel

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With the release of  new features last week you’re seeing a lot of new technology, but what about the actual language learning material, you ask? After developing some new grammar courses for German and French and adding two entire new languages (Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish) in March, we’ve now created our first course in a new, streamlined format. All 34 lessons in our Beginner’s Italian Course are now available for learners whose first language is English, German, French or Spanish.  Starting with simple words and phrases like ciao and come stai, you’ll learn regular verb endings, pronunciation, numbers and a lot more. The final lessons cover more complex topics like travel, shopping and the city of Rome. Nine review steps help you to recap what you’ve  learned and commit it to long term memory. More updated courses for other languages – and for more advanced learners – to follow. Stay tuned.

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