On Holiday with Babbel

Babbel gives some advice for holiday travel.
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On Holiday with Babbel

With such a long winter, Germans love to go on holiday. Five people are taking a holiday in the Canary Islands from the Babbel office alone!
To make the best out of any trip, you should be able to communicate in the local language at least a little. Here are nine cases where our travel-themed courses can give you a hand:
1. Planning
Whether you’re sightseeing in Rome or on a package tour in Tuscany, “Preparativi” (Preparations) gives you A to Z! Here you’ll find the fundamentals for planning your Italian holiday.
2. Hotels and Accomodation
Just got there and already problems with the room? Here you’ll find everything you need to book the right room or politely complain (for example in Spanish)
3. Manners and Customs
How does it really work with tapas? Are you supposed to give a tip? Impress your friends and acquaint yourself with manners and customs.
4. How to get from A to B
In the urban jungle you can quickly lose the big picture. Here you’ll find lots of useful phrases for navigating public transportation, parks and nightlife (for example in German).
5. Communication
Ciao! Come stai? Per favore, grazie –  The most important Italian greetings and polite phrases at a glance. You’ll get the conversation underway quickly.
6. Culture

How about a trip to the Louvre? But to speak eloquently about art, you’ll need the necessary vocabulary. You’ll find the most important words here.
7. Bars and Cafés
Spend the day on the beach and experience long nights partying on the streets of Rio. With the vocabulary course Bars and Cafes you’ll have a lot of fun!
8. Culinary
Holiday in France without great food and wine? Forget it!
 All the necessary words and phrases for (almost) everything edible and drinkable. You’ll also find the best phrases for ordering in a restaurant or cafe here.
9. Flirting
¡Hola guapa! (Hi beautiful!)
The Spanish temperament sometimes rubs off on holidaygoers. Go for it… but say it right! Here you’ll learn the words and phrases to give a compliment.

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