New apps for Windows Phone 8!

Babbel announces its new apps for Windows 8 tablets and PCs
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New apps for Windows Phone 8!

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Eleven apps are now available for Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Phone Store

In October 2012 Babbel published eleven apps for Windows 8 Tablets and PCs. These Apps have been installed over 390,000 times so far. When we released the apps, we hoped that our enjoyable collaboration with Microsoft would continue, but were unsure as to how it would develop and unfold. Everything hinges on the feedback of the users after all. The resounding success of the apps is extremely gratifying, not least because it has driven us to up the ante yet further by offering an optimised version of the apps for the Windows 8 Phone. We premièred these apps, rather appropriately, during the awards ceremony at the CeBIT on March 5th.

Chancellor Merkel will doubtless be delighted that she can continue studying Polish on her Windows 8 Phone in the future.

The Windows Phone 8 Apps are available in the Windows Phone Store for eleven Babbel languages.
Here are a few impressions of the apps:

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