Why Millennials Are Using This App To Learn A Language In 15 Hours

Babbel offers everything young people want — quick results, on-the-go convenience, authentic experiences and the chance to make a statement.
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Why Millennials Are Using This App To Learn A Language In 15 Hours

People talk a lot of smack about millennials and our desire for instant gratification, but here’s the bottom line: we’re busy, and thus value efficiency. So why would we spend months in a language class when we could gain the same amount of knowledge after using an app for just 15 hours?

That’s right. Feel free to break out the “wow” Facebook reaction. Here’s the deal — an independent study by researchers at the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina found the following:

  • Truly novice Babbel users with no knowledge of Spanish need, on average, only 15 hours of study over a two-month period to cover the requirements for one college semester of Spanish.
  • 95 percent of users surveyed said Babbel is “easy to use” and “helpful.”

As part of our 15-Hour Spanish Challenge, we put 3 beginners (all millennials) to the test to see how well they would fare in a series of competitions after using Babbel for 15 hours. Check it out, starting with the video above!


But if sheer efficiency isn’t enough for you, here are three more reasons why Babbel is the best way for millennials to learn a new language.

1. Convenience Is (Yass) Queen

As previously mentioned, millennials have jam-packed schedules. If they’re going to acquire a new skill, it needs to be in a way that’s quick and convenient. The great thing about Babbel? You can use it on your laptop, tablet or phone, and your progress syncs across your devices. And with 10 to 15 minute lessons, it’s easy to fit language learning into your day — even during your hellish commute or when you’re waiting too long for a latte.

2. Materialism < Experiences

A 2014 Harris Group poll found that 78 percent of millennials would rather choose to spend money on an experience than a material possession. Rather than teaching useless words and phrases, Babbel prepares you to have real conversations, giving you the skills to order food and drinks, ask for directions and make new friends. These useful language skills will make your travel experiences more authentic and memorable.

3. Taking A Stand

On the whole, millennials are very socially conscious and want to show their support for causes that are important to them. When you decide to learn a new language, you’re sending a message that you believe in the value of cultural awareness and being globally minded. You want to connect with people who come from different backgrounds, or at least to connect with their language. Babbel supports causes that millennials care about, from providing free language lessons for refugees to speaking out against Brexit. Improve yourself while improving the world!


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