Make Learning A Habit With Your #LanguageDaily Printable Calendar!

Looking to make language learning a bigger part of your daily life? We’ve made this useful calendar to help you turn your language learning into a real habit, and not just an aspiration.
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Make Learning A Habit With Your #LanguageDaily Printable Calendar!

This September, Babbel is rolling out a month-long initiative on our Instagram feed called #LanguageDaily. (If you’ve wandered over here from our Instagram, welcome!) What’s the premise behind this drive, you ask? It’s simple: The key to successful language learning is to make it a daily habit and learn a little each day.

Sounds super straightforward, right? It is — but it’s also easier said than done. We know from experience that making something a habit takes time and a gentle push, so we’ve dedicated our September to helping you get in the swing of things. We also made this handy-dandy calendar to encourage you to stick to your learning goals and keep you motivated all month long! From labeling your whole house with sticky notes to taking the big leap of changing your phone’s display language, we’ve selected doable challenges to keep you on your toes. So what are you waiting for? Print this out and stay up to date on #LanguageDaily:

LanguageDaily Calendar

(If you’d rather print it out in Black and White, see this version here.)

We suggest hanging this guy anywhere you’re likely to see it: on your fridge, at your desk, on your bathroom mirror, or anywhere else you see fit. Want more tips, tricks and resources to make your language learning a real habit? Stay tuned to our Instagram page — and don’t forget to follow us!

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