First Premium Course On Babbel

Babbel rolls out its first premium course of Spanish for German speakers.
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First Premium Course On Babbel


We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released a full introductory Spanish course for native speakers of German. The German title of the course is “Spanisch – Der leichte Einstieg” (Spanish – the easy start). Made up of twenty “Tutorials,” it offers a compact and entertaining introduction to the language in the Babbel-style, meaning a unique combination of multi-media fill-in-the-blanks, writing exercises and overall intuitive language learning. This is our first foray into Premium content: for a one-time fee of 19 euros, users can get a 20-part course that packs in a good deal of the linguistic equipment one would need for the next trip without taking up a centimeter of suitcase! A trial of the first Tutorial to get a taste of the entire course is free and non-binding.

For this premium course, we’ve teamed up with renowned German publisher Hueber. Based on Hueber’s book “Spanisch Ganz Leicht in 20 Tagen” (Spanish Made Easy in 20 Days) by Christoph Kehr, “Spanisch – Der leichte Einstieg” is just the beginning of a series of cooperations with different publishers. The rest of Babbel’s content, meanwhile, the vocabulary and writing exercises, as well as access to the website’s 250,000-strong online community, will remain free as always.

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