Our Contributors

The Babbel Magazine was founded in 2014 to share informative and inspiring stories about world languages and cultures. Our contributors hail from eleven different countries on five continents.

Aaron Garcia

About Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, CA.

Adam Fletcher

About Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher is a 31 year old bald Englishman. After several years in his adopted Berlin, he’d consider himself almost German, were it not for continued inability to separate his Akkusativ from his Dativ and his plastic recycling from his paper. He’s the three time Spiegel best-selling author of "How to be German", "Denglisch for Better Knowers" and the new "Make Me German".

Andrew Stoyanoff

About Andrew Stoyanoff

Andrew Stoyanoff is a writer and editor based in Berlin, Germany.

Anna Hartley

About Anna Hartley

Anna Hartley is an Australian writer based in Paris who writes about travel, sports and lifestyle. She moved to Paris in 2011 and still hasn’t gotten around to visiting the Garnier Opera.


About Babbel

We are a team of 400 people from 36 nations with a shared passion for languages. From our offices in Berlin and New York, we help people discover the joys of self-directed learning. We currently offer 14 different learning languages – from Spanish to Indonesian – and our mobile apps see up to 120,000 downloads each day.

Ben Davies

About Ben Davies

Ben is a blond from Essex who moved to Berlin after finishing his studies in German, Spanish and Arabic. When he’s not learning Rapa Nui, he can be found watching obscure surrealist films from the 20s, improvising on the piano and conjugating irregular verbs. Currently, he is confusing Berliners with his British humour.

Brandon Johnson

About Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson’s birth caused the ‘83 San Tonterías quake and his escapades have been leaving their mark on the American landscape ever since: from “Brandon’s bathtub” (the Sea of Cortez), to “Brandon’s thinking chair” (Devil’s Tower) to “that place where Brandon tripped once in Arizona” (the Grand Canyon). Brandon sightings occur regularly in Los Angeles, the Pacific Northwest, Berlin, and rural France.

Claudia Egholm Castrone

About Claudia Egholm Castrone

Claudia Egholm Castrone is an illustrator and designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied communication design in Kolding (Denmark), Jerusalem and Hamburg, and now lives in Berlin.

Cristina Gusano

About Cristina Gusano

Cristina Gusano started to speak before she could walk, and some would testify that she’s never stopped since. She studied History of Arts and specialized in Communication, Social Networks and Cultural Marketing. She’s lived in Berlin since 2011 and joined Babbel as a writer in 2015. Rather than emailing, she sends “old-school” letters to her family and friends and likes to sing while riding her bicycle. Follow me on Twitter.

David Sumner

About David Sumner

David Sumner hails from a small seaside town in Devon (the part of England that’s so rural it puts Tolkien’s Shire to shame), and he’s been living in Berlin since 2010. After completing a Master’s Degree in Politics at the University of Potsdam he got the itch to join Babbel and share his troubles and insights into learning languages. When he’s not living the kebab-fuelled Berlin dream he’s rocking out to Icelandic keyboard rock, playing the drums like Animal from the muppets, and escaping to the Alps every chance he gets.

Dylan Lyons

About Dylan Lyons

Dylan lives in New York City, but grew up in several different states around the country. He studied journalism and politics at Ithaca College and previously managed social media for CBS Evening News. His interests include coffee, puppies, reading, writing, chocolate, Game of Thrones, and soccer. But mostly puppies.

Ed M. Wood

About Ed M. Wood

Ed M. Wood is originally from Wells, the smallest city in England, and now lives in Berlin. He studied Psychology at the University of Southampton before working as a teacher and translator in Spain, England and Germany. He then undertook a MA in Political Science in Bath, Berlin and Madrid. His main interests lie in the areas of language, culture and travel, and it is these three things which ultimately led him to Babbel towers, where he currently resides. Follow him on Twitter.

Elin Asklöv

About Elin Asklöv

Elin Asklöv is a Swede living in Berlin, working at Babbel since 2014. She has a passion for Italian food, Danish cinema and German subordinate clauses and how to decipher them. Currently topping her bucket list is "see the Northern Lights" and "swim in a sea of puppies".

Federico Prandi

About Federico Prandi

Federico Prandi is a human love letter to the internet. He’s into social media, online marketing and destroying his own reputation through a blog. His favorite offline activities include lowering his life expectancy one kebab at a time and listening to very sad music.

Gabriel Mestieri

About Gabriel Mestieri

Gabriel Mestieri was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he studied Journalism and History and worked at several news and media outlets. After visiting Berlin and falling in love with the city, he chose it to make it his home in 2014. His main interests are learning languages and discovering new music styles. Follow me on Twitter.

George Oliver

About George Oliver

George Oliver is an actor from the West-Country who now lives in London. His first serious acting role was a Flower in ‘Minibeast’s Ball’ at Stoberry Park Primary School (Dir. Mrs Loder). His performance was so intense that several audience members complained of hay fever.

Giulia Depentor

About Giulia Depentor

Giulia is a writer with a passion for true crime, family trees and historical eras she hasn’t lived in. In her spare time, she plays the ukelele and collects faded photos of people she doesn’t know.

Hedda Carleson

About Hedda Carleson

Hedda is half-Swedish and half-American but now thinks of Berlin as her home. When she’s not reading she’s writing. Or drinking coffee. Or both.

Héctor Vargas

About Héctor Vargas

Héctor Vargas was born and raised in Mexico City. Ever since moving to Berlin in 2009, he has made it his mission to introduce Europeans to authentic Mexican salsa roja, tacos al pastor and cochinita pibil.

Irene Corchado Resmella

About Irene Corchado Resmella

Irene Corchado Resmella is a Spanish Sworn translator and content writer based in Oxford. She studied in Spain, Estonia and Russia, and also lived in Ireland and Latvia before moving to the UK. A keen traveller with a soft spot for the Russian language, she blogs about her Spanish home region of Extremadura on Piggy Traveller and is a regular contributor at Uniplaces.

James Lane

About James Lane

James grew up in Australia and has worked as an independent theatre producer, filmmaker and teacher in Hanoi and Berlin. He has written for NPR Berlin, the Newer York Press, ExBerliner and Babbel on issues of language and culture. He is currently based in Delhi, working with disadvantaged children to address environmental issues through film, radio and storytelling.

Jasmine Chao

About Jasmine Chao

Jasmine is from Los Angeles, California. With her sights set on the Big Apple, she moved to New York in 2014. She’s been told people can tell she’s not a native because she smiles too much. She joined the Babbel team in 2015.

Jerome Luepkes

About Jerome Luepkes

Jerome is a freelance language trainer and writer, currently living in Berlin. He grew up in Australia, has German parents and is learning to speak French at the moment. He also travels a lot, writes about his experiences and drinks a lot of tea. Check out his travel blog.

John-Erik Jordan

About John-Erik Jordan

John-Erik was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in a suburb named after Tarzan (yes, really). He studied art at The Cooper Union in New York and worked as a video editor in LA before turning his attention to writing. He’s lived in Berlin since 2009 and has been writing for the Babbel Magazine since 2014. He is also the author and co-creator of the sci-fi adventure comic Golem and Odd. Follow him on Twitter.

Julie Piérart

About Julie Piérart

Julie Piérart grew up in a multicultural metropolis of 374 inhabitants in northern France. She completed her studies in French Literature and Art History in Germany. Passionate about dance and cinema, she contributed to the French cultural magazine Berlin Poche for five years.

Katrin Sperling

About Katrin Sperling

Katrin (Kat) Sperling was born and raised in Potsdam, Germany and moved to Toronto, Canada after high school. Since her Hogwarts letter still hadn’t arrived by her 20th birthday in 2011, she finally had to face reality and went to study English and German linguistics in Berlin. Luckily, linguistics turned out to be just as magical, and Kat is now very happy to write about learning languages for the Babbel Magazine.


About LOSTiN

LOST iN is a print guide and app that lets you discover global cities through cool tips from local legends.

Luca Lampariello

About Luca Lampariello

Luca Lampariello is an Italian polyglot who has learned 11 languages so far, including German, Russian, Polish and Mandarin Chinese. He’s well-known in the language-learning community and currently resides in Rome, Italy.

Luca Vullo

About Luca Vullo

Luca is an author, film director and producer who works between London and Los Angeles, always moving and always gesticulating. As an expert on Italian gestures, he’s coached the National Theatre of London and currently teaches Italian non-verbal communication in several universities around the world. Learn more about him here.

Mara Zatti

About Mara Zatti

Mara Zatti is a journalist now working on the opposite side of the barricade in Babbel’s press office. Her old passion for archeology comes out when she’s around ancient ruins and old stuff in general.

Marion Maurin

About Marion Maurin

Marion Maurin’s German roots were well hidden: her German mother moved to France at the age of 21, obtained French citizenship and brought her children up in French. At 21, Marion followed the same path, but this time going in the opposite direction from France to Germany in order to study philosophy. She is now working as a translator and has been contributing to the Babbel magazine since 2015. Follow me on Twitter.

Matt Hormann

About Matt Hormann

Matt Hormann is a freelance writer in Pasadena, California. His work has appeared in Hometown Pasadena, Patch.com, Westways, and the Pasadena Weekly.

Matthew Youlden

About Matthew Youlden

Matthew Youlden hails from Manchester, England. Passionate about all things related to languages, he studied Translation and Linguistics and specialised in Sociolinguistics in Berlin and Barcelona. As Babbel’s Language Ambassador, Matthew’s mission — should he choose to accept it — is to spread and share the joy of learning languages. He currently resides in Berlin.

Michael Youlden

About Michael Youlden

Michael Youlden is from Manchester, England. His fascination with other languages and cultures has led to a lifetime of learning and traveling. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Mollie Hosmer-Dillard

About Mollie Hosmer-Dillard

Mollie Hosmer-Dillard studied art at Oberlin College and moved to Berlin in 2006 to attend the Heraclitus School of Ever-Living Fire. She currently lives in Ridgewood, New York, where she works as a painter and a translator of German to English.

Nele Lenz

About Nele Lenz

Nele Katharina Lenz is originally from Essen, Germany. The name of her hometown actually means "food" in German which totally makes sense: she’s enjoyed cooking, eating and writing about it from a very early age. After studying Cultural Management & PR in Hildesheim and Paris, Nele moved to Berlin with her theatre company machina eX. It was at the Berlinale Film Festival that she first discovered the joy of languages, films and working in an international team. These passions combined brought her straight to Babbel.

Noah Harley

About Noah Harley

Noah Harley is a writer, translator, and musician living in Queens, New York. He recently co-produced and translated for Salero, a feature-length documentary exploring humanity’s fraught relationship with natural resources shot on site in southern Bolivia, which garnered grants from the MacArthur Foundation, the Tribeca Film Institute, and the San Francisco Film Society. When he is not writing articles or producing videos for Babbel, he roams the eastern coast of the United States with his band, The Horse-Eyed Men.

Nuno Marques

About Nuno Marques

Nuno is a puppeteer and scriptwriter who spends his time twiddling his thumbs inside and outside puppets’ heads. He enjoys daydreaming, biking in Berlin and opera. Some of his best friends are made of felt and foam!

Pauline Bénéat

About Pauline Bénéat

Pauline Bénéat is from Brest, France. She studied Political Science at Sciences Po Rennes and European Studies at the University of Bath. After living in France, the US, the UK and Germany, she settled on Berlin and joined the Babbel team in 2013.

Peter Niemczyk

About Peter Niemczyk

Peter is a New York born writer, journalist, and blogger, who loves to analyze movies, politics, and social trends. He does not enjoy analyzing his diet and exercise habits.

Pia Leong

About Pia Leong

Born in tropical north Queensland, Australia, Pia is a theatre designer who somehow found herself traveling through South America on a bicycle, living in a tent. "Remote Encounters" documents her courageous attempts to communicate with locals in broken Spanish.

Ray Pham

About Ray Pham

Ray Pham is a designer and illustrator originally from sunny Sydney, Australia. He also happens to be the art director at Babbel.

Richard Aslan

About Richard Aslan

Richard Aslan is a writer, editor and project maker who is interested in people, the things they do, how they live and the words they use. Richard grew up in the UK but escaped when still a teenager. He has since lived in Egypt, Spain (twice), Japan, Ecuador, and is now based in Berlin. He makes participative and experimental performance as half of ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS.

Rob Compton

About Rob Compton

Robert Compton is from Plymouth, England. He has lived in Berlin since 2009 and works as a Media Relations Manager for Germany Trade & Invest.

Ryan Eyers

About Ryan Eyers

Ryan Eyers is originally from New Zealand. He arrived in Germany some four years ago by way of South East Asia, and has since been studying for his MA, teaching English, and learning the German language diligently.

Sandra Halter

About Sandra Halter

Sandra Halter grew up in the Swabian townlet of Heidenheim an der Brenz until she moved to Berlin in 2002. After studying Politics and Social Sciences in Berlin and Paris, and making a few stopovers elsewhere, she happily ended up writing for Babbel… although she’s still hoping to fulfill her secret desire to cover the next Oscars or royal wedding live.

Sarah Luisa Santos

About Sarah Luisa Santos

Sarah Luisa Santos was born and raised in Sao Paulo, and after spending some time in London, she ended up in Berlin. Despite holding a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, she decided to follow her passion for words and is now sharing her linguistic discoveries with Babbel. Follow me on Twitter.

Sheri Davenport

About Sheri Davenport

Sheri Davenport is an award-winning writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She co-wrote the novel On The Way To Woodstock, and her romantic comedy Lucky Christmas was a featured Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel in 2012. Sheri holds a BA in English from the University of Iowa.

Simon Cowley

About Simon Cowley

Simon is English, was born in Italy, studied in Sweden and now lives in Germany. He has struggled to learn foreign languages his entire adult life. Postman, foley artist and philosopher are just three of the jobs he worked before turning up on the doorsteps of the Babbel office in 2016.

Taylor Grace Lindsay

About Taylor Grace Lindsay

Taylor is a music and film journalist and one of the last truly enthusiastic redheads in New York City. She tries to read every book that’s recommended to her.

Thea Bohn

About Thea Bohn

Thea Bohn writes about those things that she herself loves to read. Her studies of German and American literature and philosophy took her to Mainz, New York and Berlin. Before joining Babbel in 2015, her writing was already being published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Currently she’s learning her sixth language, Italian, whilst trying her best not to annoy her colleagues with too many made-up words.