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How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Indonesian

Roses are merah, violets are biru; say those colors a little louder, because we can’t hear you!
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How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Indonesian
If speaking Indonesian is in your near-term future plans, you probably won’t want to sleep on learning the names of the colors in Indonesian.
For one, they’re fun to say. But Indonesia is also an exceptionally colorful place (read: tropical paradise), and it’s probably not a total exaggeration to say that you’re not truly speaking Indonesian until you have the vocabulary to describe your visual experience.

If you do have a trip to Bali in your future, you’ll probably want to know that Indonesia has been represented by several colorful national flowers over the years, including the vibrant moon orchid, Arabian jasmine and the stinking corpse lily (yeah, the one that smells like rotting flesh).

You might also want the words to describe the birds and parrots you see hanging out in the trees. Indonesia is among the richest countries in terms of its biodiversity — it’s home to 10 percent of the world’s flowering species, 16 percent of its reptiles, and 17 percent of total bird species.

Without further ado, here’s some basic color vocabulary to bring your Indonesian to life.

Color — warna

Red — merah

Orange — oranye

Yellow — kuning

Green — hijau

Blue — biru

Purple — ungu

Pink — merah muda

Brown — cokelat

Black — hitam

White — putih

Light — muda

Dark — tua

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