Change Comes to the Babbel Blog

Babbel shares news of a new format for the Babble Blog.
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Change Comes to the Babbel Blog

Språkinlärningsexpert på Babbel

In these days the Babbel Blog will be going through some changes, and our readers will notice a shift in the content. The focus will now be more on the Babbel online language learning platform itself. You will find ideas and tidbits from Babbel’s creators, news about — and stories from — Babbel users, and articles and interviews on internet-based elearning in general, among other things.
We have to say goodbye and thanks to Mara and Lorenz, the two blog editors. Thanks for the great work, journalistic quality and dedication you put into this project!
Mara and Lorenz’s interviews and articles will however still be available here. If you read German, you can follow some of Lorenz’s work at his blog on education gaming, and Mara will be overseeing English language content at Babbel and also on this blog.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts!!

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