Babbel launches on Apple Watch

Language learning just got a lot easier with Babbel for Apple Watch.
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Babbel launches on Apple Watch

As you may already know, the team at Babbel has been working on an app for the new Apple Watch for some time. Now we’re ready to share the details.

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Babbel for Apple Watch helps you learn 360 words from each of our 14 languages, whenever and wherever they are most relevant. The app is designed to fit into your day-to-day routine, so as to help you learn new vocabulary while you interact with your surroundings.
Learning with the app is simple: When visiting a place, for example a café or airport, you simply check in and start learning. You can learn to order a café con leche or find das Gate directly on your wrist.
Here’s how it works:

Apple Watch Arrive at your location and select from a list of nearby places to let the app know exactly where you are. There are 18 categories, from Restaurants to Museums.
Apple Watch Apple Watch presents you with a new word in your chosen learning language. Match it to the correct meaning in your own language to ‘collect’ the word.
apple watch Once you’ve successfully collected a word, it will be added to your total for that category.
Apple Watch Each category contains 20 words. Complete them all to learn a total of 360 words for each language.

We based this approach on two key principles: Firstly, we know that space and specific environments have a big impact on how well we’re able to memorize new information. By connecting new words to their relevant locations, you improve your ability to remember them.
Secondly, we learn best in bite-sized chunks. This ‘bit-by-bit’ approach has been built into Babbel apps from the very beginning, but Apple Watch lets us combine these two ideas in a new way.
The app works with or without a Babbel subscription, and it’s available on the App Store now.
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