Babbel: A comprehensive language learning system (video)

Watch a new video for Babbel Mobile, an iPhone app for learning language on the go.
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Babbel: A comprehensive language learning system (video)


We are excited to announce that with some new features and software clients,  we have just made a leap towards becoming a language learning system unlike any other.
Babbel has never been just a website, but was rather built as a server client application. It’s no wonder, then, that we’d develop new platforms. Our objective has always been to make learning as simple, accessible and effective as possible using today’s state-of-the-art methods and technologies.
We’ve created Babbel Mobile, an iPhone app that can be used alone or as a complement to You can now refresh your vocabulary anywhere and anytime, whether or not you’re on the internet. Then, with Babbel Refresh, the new desktop application for PC and Mac, you’ll always remember to review. Thirdly, a new list-view of your Personal Vocabulary also makes it simple to print out a vocabulary list, to remove words from the Refresher system or to get a full overview of your learning progress. And finally, we’re presenting a first Course in our new format: a new Italian Beginner’s Course is easier and clearer than ever.
Over the next days, we’ll cover all these new features in more detail. For now, just take a look at our new 30 second video above or here (in any or all of our seven languages).

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