Babbel on Apple Watch: the era of contextual learning has arrived

Babbel sets out to revolutionize contextual learning with our new app for language learning on the go
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Babbel on Apple Watch: the era of contextual learning has arrived

“Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created.” – Tim Cook

As announced on, Babbel will be the first language learning app available on the Apple Watch. The Babbel Watch app enables users to learn new words in real situational contexts in a fun and effective way.


Wearables have been getting a lot of attention for their health and fitness capabilities, but the opportunities created by new technologies for education have largely remained unexplored – until now. We have developed for the Apple Watch a new approach to language learning ​​that adapts to the user’s travel and social contexts.
The revolution of contextual learning
For the first time, users can learn new words in a situational context. The Apple Watch detects the user’s location and offers them the opportunity to learn words related to their surroundings. While sitting in a cafe, for example, users can instantly learn relevant words and easily order a drink in the language of their choice. Later, at the supermarket, they can learn the words for their favorite recipe in one of the 14 languages ​​offered by Babbel.
Automatic detection of useful words while you go about your day
Our app for the Apple Watch opens a new dimension in language learning. Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of contextual learning: the more we can relate information to a “real” experience, the easier it is to recall. “This new technology opens up new opportunities in language learning”, says Markus Witte, CEO of Babbel “It will allow our users to connect learning and everyday experiences in real time”.
The Babbel team is eager to share more details with you on the innovative learning functionality developed specifically for the Apple Watch – but not before its release in April! It would be a shame to spoil the surprise…

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