Babbel adds Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese

Babbel expands with new features and languages for easier self-motivated learning.
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Babbel adds Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian football languageWhat do Brazil and Sweden have in common?
We’ve figured out that Portuguese and Swedish are two of the foreign languages that learners worldwide are most longing to study. So, today, we are launching new, full Courses in Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. This makes seven languages in all at Babbel. As promised, Babbel continues to expand and improve, always adding new features and opportunities for learning in innovative ways. This is just one of the recent steps.
To celebrate the addition of these two new languages, we’ve also got a special coming up: Language Flex, the chance to dabble in all seven languages for less than what it costs to do just one.  This means you can explore different languages according to whim, switch back and forth as much or whenever you like.

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