8 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Learning Italian

Good news: they’re not all too fast for beginners to understand. These Italian podcasts will make an ideal complement to your studies.
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8 Podcasts To Listen To If You’re Learning Italian

While cultural immersion is key to the successful study of any language, it could arguably be even more so for Italian, a language that has to be felt as much as spoken. Italians, after all, speak with their hands as well as their mouths. That’s the sort of thing you can’t learn from a textbook alone. Enter Italian podcasts.

Beyond bolstering your budding language skills with real conversation, listening to Italian podcasts is an excellent way to immerse yourself further in the language and get a feel for how Italian is actually spoken — not to mention cultural topics and current events that matter to Italian people. If you’re on the hunt for some engaging and helpful shows, here are eight of the best Italian podcasts for language learners.

Italian Podcasts For Language Learners

1. News in Slow Italian

Get your regular news — and have it spoon-fed to you at whatever speed you’d like. News in Slow Italian is exactly what it sounds like: weekly Italian lessons tailored to the listener’s comprehension level. You can choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced recordings, and each episode comes with a transcription so you can read as you listen. It’s not just news, either — you’ll get mini lessons on Italian grammar and expressions.

2. Caterpillar

If you like getting your information in bite-sized chunks, the manageable pace of the Caterpillar might be up your alley. The show is an afternoon radio program that airs on Italy’s Rai Radio 2, featuring hosts Sara Zambotti and Massimo Cirri dishing on the latest happenings in a sort of “cliffnotes” version of what’s what. They also aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty from time to time. In 2015, the hosts petitioned the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize of 2016 to the bicycle.

3. I Provinciali

Dreaming of pastoral Tuscany, or the small-town Italy of your (likely Hollywood-influenced) imagination? This podcast can take you there. I Provinciali is another Rai Radio 2 program that focuses squarely on the provincial life of Italy beyond Rome and Milan. For those eager to diversify their exposure to Italian, this is a great way to absorb regional differences in accents, traditions, food and culture. There are three seasons available, dating back to 2015.

4. Senza Rosetto

Senza Rosetto (“Without Lipstick”) is on the feminist Italian podcasts radar. Namely, it’s about the various kinds of issues women must navigate in the modern world (think: everything ranging from the wage gap to the successful expression of one’s needs and wants). The podcast was first launched on the 70th anniversary of the first political referendum that included women (June 2, 1946). There are 16 episodes available, but they pack a lot in.

5. 30 Minute Italian Podcast

Among educational Italian podcasts, this one is geared expressly toward language learners, but it’s got a bit of spunk and personality, too. Host Cher Hale delves into everything ranging from culture to personal travel stories to practical grammar guides (and “sometimes sexy grammar,” at that). Sample episode topics of 30 Minute Italian include “How I’ve Been Preparing for the CILS Exam” and “20 Phrases for Telling a Captivating Story in Italian.” There’s a wealth of good learning material dating back to 2014.

6. 4 Verticale

Shameless self-promotion plug here, but we’d be remiss not to tell you about one of Babbel’s Italian podcasts, 4 Verticale. Listen to the show for the engaging dynamic between hosts Giulia Depentor and Stefano Nucera, and also for the entertaining stories they tell in Italian. This is “the podcast that breaks the monotony of learning made up of only books and professors,” instead focusing on funny anecdotes about living abroad and vintage Italian insults.

7. La Linguacciuta

Babbel’s other advanced-level Italian podcast takes you through the oddities and wonders of the Italian language. La Linguacciuta host Ilenia Zodiaco promises to entertain you with untranslatable concepts, invented words and musings on the personality as it’s communicated through language. There are 10 available episodes, so it’s easy to get through it all.

8. La Bottega di Babbel

For more intermediate learners, Babbel’s La bottega di Babbel is our latest effort to tackle the tough questions, like: What’s Ferragosto? When was pizza invented? How is Christmas celebrated in Italy? Host Gianluca attempts to answer these and more in conversations with native speakers and Italian learners.

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