• What does everyday life in Sweden look like? Find out in this upper-beginner’s level course set in Stockholm.

  • 120x120

    Vad kul att du kunde komma!

    1. to understand small talk at a party
    2. useful expressions for parties and celebrations
    3. to sing the Swedish birthday song
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  • 120x120

    Ska vi hitta på något?

    1. to understand a conversation about the upcoming weekend
    2. different ways to make suggestions in Swedish
    3. to talk about some free time activities
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  • 120x120

    Jag betalar med kort

    1. to go shopping in Swedish
    2. a bit about payment in Sweden
    3. the names of some clothing items
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  • 120x120

    Har ni något vegetariskt?

    1. to order in a restaurant
    2. to answer questions asked by waiters
    3. the names of some dishes and tableware
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  • 120x120

    Min väska blev stulen i går

    1. to talk about a theft
    2. to understand information on a web page
    3. to report a crime
    4. to give someone your personal details
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  • 120x120

    Platsreservation ingår i priset

    1. to plan a trip in Sweden
    2. useful expressions regarding booking, canceling and paying for tickets
    3. to understand a web page in Swedish
    4. what some means of transportation are called
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