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  • Turkish for your Vacation Copyright information

    Turkish for your Vacation

    You're planning a trip to Istanbul, or want to enjoy the beach in Antalya? Here you can learn the most important words and expressions you might need in order to find your way around town and to communicate with the locals.

  • Useful Expressions for Everyday Life Copyright information

    Useful Expressions for Everyday Life

    How do you say thank you for the food in Turkish, and what do native speakers mean when they wish health to your hands? How do you say happy birthday, or wish somebody a happy new year? Here you will learn some typical phrases and useful expressions from everyday language. The course is based on an upper beginner's level of language learning.

  • Spelling Rules Copyright information

    Spelling Rules

    Learn and study the Turkish orthography: capitalization rules, rules for vowels and consonants, and the use of the apostrophe.

  • Pronunciation Course Copyright information

    Pronunciation Course

    Learn and study the pronunciation of the Turkish letters: the Turkish alphabet, letters that look the same in Turkish and English but are pronounced differently, and letters which look different from English letters.

  • True Friends Copyright information

    True Friends

    Here you'll learn "true friends" - words that sound similar in English and Turkish and have the same meaning. This is a quick and effective way to expand your vocabulary!

  • False Friends Copyright information

    False Friends

    Here you'll learn "false friends" - Turkish words that sound similar to English words, but have a totally different meaning! Be careful, danger of confusion!

  • Numbers Copyright information


    Review and deepen your knowledge of the cardinal numbers in Turkish, practice writing them and learn how to build higher numbers.