• Ideal for everyone who studied Spanish a long time ago or wants to test their knowledge at the A2 level.

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    At the shop

    Here you'll learn: to buy clothing

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    The agreement of colours and other adjectives

    Here you'll learn: té negro - limones verdes - manzanas rojas

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    Daily routine

    Here you'll learn: to describe your daily routine

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    Reflexive verbs

    Here you'll learn: me visto - te levantas - se despiertan

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    Here you'll learn: to describe how things fared for you and what you do

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    The past tense form "pretérito perfecto"

    Here you'll learn: Aún no he desayunado. - ¿Qué has dicho?

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    Here you'll learn: to contact family and friends

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    The direct object pronouns

    Here you'll learn: Ella me ha visto ayer. - María quiere mucho a Raúl. - Yo os despierto.

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    Here you'll learn: to talk about birthday presents

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    The indirect pronouns

    Here you'll learn: Le compro una manzana. - ¿Qué les regalamos?

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    Here you'll learn: to talk about what you've done on holiday

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    The past tense form "indefinido"

    Here you'll learn: Leímos dos libros. - Yo fui guía turístico.

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    Leisure activities

    Here you'll learn: to talk about sports and languages

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    The verbs "saber" and "poder"

    Here you'll learn: No puedo ir a la fiesta. - Sabemos bailar tango.

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    Here you'll learn: to talk about different jobs and courses of studies

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    Noun endings

    Here you'll learn: el profesor - el poeta - la poetisa - la enfermera

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    Here you'll learn: different body parts and what you can say at the doctor's

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    Adverbs of frequency

    Here you'll learn: No fumo desde el año pasado. - Desde hace dos semanas estoy mejor.

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    Travel plans

    Here you'll learn: to plan your next trip

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    The "futuro simple" form

    Here you'll learn: Viajaré a México. - ¿Comerás paella? - El viernes hará sol.

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