• You already know some numbers and would like to practise them? In this course you will learn to juggle with Norwegian numbers and use them in various contexts.

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    Here you'll learn: numbers from 11 through 20 - and repeat the numbers 1-10 in arithmetic problems

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    Cardinal numbers from 21-100

    Here you'll learn: the numbers 21 to 100 and the tenner numbers

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    Here you'll review: the numbers 1-100 related to age

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    Ordinal Numbers

    Here you'll review: ordinal numbers and their usage

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    Here you'll learn: measurements, such as kilo and desiliter and repeat the numbers up to 100

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    Here you'll review: fractions and practise them

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    Here you'll review: the numbers with the topics percentages and clearance sales

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    Here you'll review: the numbers to 200 related to temperatures

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    Telephone numbers and postal codes

    Here you'll learn: how to state telephone numbers and postal codes

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    Here you'll review: the use of numbers in connection to specific prices

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