• You are planning a trip to Norway and you want speak more than just tourist English? Here you will learn the most important phrases and expressions that you need to make yourself understood in Norwegian.

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    Here you'll learn: how to greet people and how to ask if you do not understand something - some aspects of the informal du in Norwegian and how to say thank you

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    På hytta

    At the cottage

    Here you'll learn: a few words about summer cottages - about public access rights

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    På hotell

    At the hotel

    Here you'll learn: important words and phrases for the hotel reception - interesting information about hotels in Norway

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    På restaurant

    At the restaurant

    Here you'll learn: how to order food and ask for the bill - about tipping in Norway

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    En øl, takk.

    A beer, please.

    Here you'll learn: how to order drinks and cake - facts about alcohol in Norway

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    Kontant eller med kort?

    Cash or card?

    Here you'll learn: important words about money - facts about payment habits in Norway

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    Hvor finner jeg...?

    Where can I find...?

    Here you'll learn: important words and phrases about asking directions - some facts about shop hours

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    Hvor mye koster det?

    How much does it cost?

    Here you'll learn: how to ask how much something costs and sentences to ask about postcards and stamps - interesting facts about stamps in Norway

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    Når begynner omvisningen?

    When does the tour start?

    Here you'll learn: ask about opening times, admission prices and the beginning of the next tour - interesting information about the prices for cultural activities

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    Trikken i Oslo

    The tram in Oslo

    Here you'll learn: where you can buy tickets - to ask about the next stop and the names for some forms of public transport - and a little bit more about public modes of transportation

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    Jeg har mistet vesken min.

    I lost my bag.

    Here you'll learn: how to say, that you have lost something or that something has been stolen - some facts about lost property

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    Hos legen

    At the doctor's

    Here you'll learn: how to say that you don't feel well, and what hurts - some facts about the Norwegian health care system

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