• You always wanted to know how to order "a Maß" in a beer tent at the Oktoberfest in Munich? Are you prepared to find out which fun ride the "Hexenschaukel" is, or to buy your first "Dirndl"? Here you'll find helpful vocabulary, basic pronunciation and interesting facts for the Oktoberfest.

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    Das Oktoberfest

    The Oktoberfest

    Here you'll learn: first words for the Oktoberfest - why it's called Oktoberfest

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    Im Bierzelt 1

    In the beer tent 1

    Here you'll learn: to order drinks in a beer tent - what happens if you don't have a seat

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    Im Bierzelt 2

    In the beer tent 2

    Here you'll learn: to order food in a beer tent - some facts about Bavarian cuisine

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    Auf dem Festplatz

    At the festival ground

    Here you'll learn: to buy sweets and other things at a stall - some facts about the historic fun rides

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    Traditional dresses

    Here you'll learn: which clothes men and women wear at the Oktoberfest - some facts about the history of traditional dresses

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    Here you'll learn: some Bavarian words - about Bavarian pronunciation

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