• Marie and Robert exchange e-mails via a dating site on the internet. Follow their story and learn important vocabulary and useful phrases about flirting and being in love. You will also train your listening and writing skills.

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    First contact

    Marie and Robert exchange their first e-mail via a dating site.

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    A bombshell

    Robert writes back and Marie drops a bombshell.

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    Is this a problem?

    Robert doesn't answer and Marie writes again.

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    A proposition

    Robert finally answers and makes a proposition.

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    The truth

    After their virtual date, Marie tells Robert the truth about her being so reluctant.

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    Arranging a date

    Robert is coming to Berlin and they arrange a date.

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    Falling in love?

    After their real date, Marie and Robert exchange their thoughts and feelings.

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    A chance

    Robert has great news for Marie. What does the future hold for them?

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