• How do you book a flight or talk to a taxi driver? Here you'll learn to understand safety instructions and important vocabulary when travelling. The course is based on level A2/B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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    Here you'll learn: to buy a return ticket - to ask for non-stop flights - to ask for discounts

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    Check-In und Verspätungen

    Check-in and delays

    Here you'll learn: to reserve a window or aisle seat - to understand announcements

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    Security check

    Here you'll learn: to understand instructions at the security check - items which are not allowed on a plane

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    Auf dem Flug

    On the flight

    Here you'll learn: to ask for help stowing your luggage - to comment on crowded flights - vocabulary for the weather condition

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    Nach der Landung

    After landing

    Here you'll learn: how to ask for your lost luggage - to make a complaint

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    Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel und Taxi

    Public transport and taxi

    Here you'll learn: how to ask for different transport from the airport - how to talk to a taxi driver

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