• Do you always find the right words for your colleagues? In this course, you'll learn some typical conversations for social situations. The course is based on level A2/B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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    Neu sein

    Being new

    Here you'll learn: how to be presented - how to ask for the cafeteria or conference rooms

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    Kollegen kennenlernen

    Meeting new coworkers

    Here you'll learn: to offer the informal you - to talk about former experiences and hobbies

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    Sich verabreden

    Meeting up

    Here you'll learn: to meet up after work - to invite other coworkers

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    Über die Firma reden

    To talk about the company

    Here you'll learn: how to comment on the office atmosphere - how to comment on working conditions

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    Geschickt antworten

    Clever answers

    Here you'll learn: how to block gossip approaches - what to say when you're not allowed to talk about something

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    Die Firma verlassen

    Leaving the company

    Here you'll learn: to thank for someone's efforts - to wish the best for the future

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