• Are you able to react quickly and appropriately to a telephone call? In this course, you'll practice typical phrases for professional calls. The course is based on level A2/B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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    Ein Telefonat beginnen

    Starting a call

    Here you'll learn: to answer the phone - to ask for contact person

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    Einen Anruf erhalten

    Receiving a call

    Here you'll learn: to take over an incoming call - to put someone through

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    Informationen austauschen

    Exchanging information

    Here you'll learn: to ask for and to give information - to exchange contact data - to make appointments

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    Communication breakdowns

    Here you'll learn: to clear misunderstandings - to talk about problems with the telephone connection

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    Here you'll learn: to leave or take messages - to point out an urgent matter

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    Ein Telefongespräch beenden

    Ending a call

    Here you'll learn: to postpone an appointment - to finish a call

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