• When traveling in French-speaking countries, you encounter a wide variety of signs and street names, some of them quite complicated, and others just funny. As you learn to understand them, you will get a chance to review several key grammar topics.

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    Street names

    Here you'll learn: a few street names - how de merges with direct articles

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    Noun endings

    Here you'll learn: the meanings of some road signs - endings that indicate the gender of a noun

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    The merging of "à" with "le" and "les"

    Here you'll learn: more inscriptions on road signs - the merging of à with direct articles

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    Here you'll learn: the meanings of several prohibition signs - negation on signs and in statements

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    Adjective endings

    Here you'll learn: place names in the city - adjective agreement

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    Names of places and countries

    Here you'll learn: names for several places and countries

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    Regular forms of the "participe passé"

    Here you'll learn: notices on signs and at parks - the participe passé when used as an adjective

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    Agreement and the "participe passé"

    Here you'll learn: more prohibition signs - the agreement of the participe passé with a noun

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    Funny names and signs

    Here you'll learn: funny street names, inscriptions and signs

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