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  • Dutch for your Vacation Copyright information

    Dutch for your Vacation

    Planning a vacation in the Netherlands or Belgium? Learn a few key words, phrases, and expressions here so that you can enjoy speaking Dutch on your trip.

  • False Friends Copyright information

    False Friends

    Here you'll learn about false friends: words that sound or look similar in both English and Dutch but mean something completely different! This course will help you appreciate why any well-stocked kitchen shouldn't be without a "mes", and how some people can be "slim" regardless of their size!

  • Writing for Beginners Copyright information

    Writing for Beginners

    Write about different topics dealt with in Beginner's course 1 and 2. Practice your writing skills at a beginner's level of language learning.

  • The Pronunciation of Consonants Copyright information

    The Pronunciation of Consonants

    How are "s", "z", "ch", and "sch" pronounced? This course takes you through the pronunciation rules of Dutch consonants.

  • The Pronunciation of Vowels Copyright information

    The Pronunciation of Vowels

    How are "a", "e", "eu" and "au" pronounced? This course presents the pronunciation rules for Dutch vowels and diphthongs.

  • True Friends Copyright information

    True Friends

    Here you'll learn some "true friends" - words that sound similar in English and Dutch and have the same meaning. This is a quick and effective way to expand your vocabulary!